Dear You & Me

I recently saw a series of blogs that are writing letters to various problems. I decided to give it a go. This is me. To my past, present, and future self. To everyone who has felt or feels this way. This is how I feel. I know what it feels like. Dear You and Me, […]

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Fatigue, Fairytales, and Friends

Exhaustion. That is the only word that can describe what I’m feeling. That picture? Definitely how I feel. Accelerated math courses are not easy. . .especially when you need to stay up until 1 am, three nights in a row. Such is the life of a college student, though. Other than being about to fall […]

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College (EEK!!)

Today. . .I officially become. . .a college student! Ahhh. I’ve waited for this day for so long. It’s been my goal since I started school over twelve years ago. I know my blog isn’t typically about life and all. . .but this is definitely an exception. Ok, ok, I know, I’m not going to […]

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I’m back. . .again. . . . I know I keep promising I’m back. I apologise. I just recently graduated from high school. So, I do have an excuse. Though I did have some extra time in April, May was pretty packed. Now. . .as a freshly graduated aspiring college student. . .I now have […]

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