Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween! I honestly can’t believe it’s this time again. Wow. This year has gone so much faster than I honestly would have liked. I, personally, don’t really celebrate Halloween.

But hey, everyone’s up for a creepy book or movie, right? Well, books. I watched a few trailers of scary movies just for fun and was so freaked out I gave up on that search. I do love scary books, though. I read this one book that had me so jumpy for the rest of the day.

Have any of you read “IT”Β Stephen King? I’m about a quarter of the way through it. I absolutely love his writing. I’m obsessed.

Apparently today is the best day for spiders to be out. I had one that fell on my skirt. Believe me I screamed for so long. Being trapped in the Mustang with a spider is not my idea of fun.

A lot of my friends have gone to costume parties recently. I don’t have enough friends that live near me to get invited to one. HOWEVER, their costumes have been amazing. I always wanted to be a kitty cat for Halloween. Maybe one day. Today I saw a lady with orange hair and I believe she was representing our solar system. It was quite a lovely costume. I’ve seen plenty of Witches and Wizards out and about today. A few days ago there was one, in, I kid you not, a full Deadpool outfit. It was quite impressive.

I realised today. . .I have a black cat. . .that’s bad luck, right? Eh, I love her too much to consider her bad luck.

One of my friends made a point recently. . .why are ghosts normally white? If they are invisible why do we always portray them as white? Thoughts?

What do you like to do for Halloween? As you can see, I’m rather boring and mainly just watch people. I’d love to dress up one of these days, though. Maybe next year.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope you have a great and purrfectly spooky day! ❀



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