Well, I’m back



Well, surprise! I’m back. Again. Just in time for Halloween week. Why have I been gone? I promise it’s not because of laziness. Far from it.

My dad almost died two weeks ago. After refusing to go to the hospital for heart trouble and severe cellulitis he finally went. He was quickly admitted and then suffered through dangerously low blood pressure and drug withdrawal from the heavy narcotics they had to give him to cut his pain.

We thought he was dying. He is now home, in a lot of pain, but we think he is getting better. It is still touch and go, though.

With all that I fell behind in college. So, I was desperately working….almost 24/7 to catch up. Anyway, I’m caught up and have my grades back for those three courses and am starting my next two.

I also had a $100,000 scholarship contest to enter.

I am now back. . .from the dead. Yes, I am a zombie. Or wait. . .I was already a vampire so a vambie? I don’t know. I’m tired. Please don’t judge me! 😀

Thank you for your patience.

I love you guys.

Have a great weekend!

In the words of the Terminator/Arnold Schwarzenegger….



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