Fatigue, Fairytales, and Friends


Exhaustion. That is the only word that can describe what I’m feeling. That picture? Definitely how I feel. Accelerated math courses are not easy. . .especially when you need to stay up until 1 am, three nights in a row. Such is the life of a college student, though. Other than being about to fall asleep constantly I love college. Exhaustion is fun. . .right? Not really. But I love my classes. I learned about a new belief system this week. Moralistic Therapeutic Deism. Heard of it? No? Yes? Well, I hadn’t. Definitely, recommend looking into it. It is fascinating. Maybe a blog post in the future. No promises though.


This is my mood, lately. Or is it looks? Yeah, I definitely look like her. Probably act like her too. Have you seen ‘The Wizard of Oz’? Amazing movie. Definitely watch.


I recently joined a few sites where I’m supposed to be able to meet people who live near me. *Highly recommend Patook. Found some really nice people on there.* Anyway, I don’t know how you are at this, but I SUCK at starting conversations. So, I invoked Alice in Wonderland. Remember when she tumbles down the rabbit hole? That’s what I’m like starting conversations. Isn’t it nice when you get to drag a fairytale into your budding friendships? I think so.


My friends. My old and my new friends. I must admit I have an amazing support system. I’m incredibly lucky. As I was in tears over inequalities my friends and boyfriend were urging me forth. Thanks to them I managed to get through the evening without too many meltdowns. With various extracurricular and college work it’s really hard to fit friends in. . . . I fear I have pushed some of my friends to the side for my schoolwork.


Amazingly they wait patiently for me to finally get back to them. I got a new phone last week. My first smartphone. I know, 18 and this is my first? Yep. It’s made things so much easier. It really is quite easier to stay in touch with friends. Weekends are the time that I can spend unconditionally with my friends. . . that and my bed. My bed is my new best friend. Well, second best friend. It’s easy to take friends for granted… .but one day they might not be there… .make sure you take time with your friends. MAKE time for them. I know it’s hard… .but people are important too. It’s sad to take for granted those that are there for you whenever you need. Make sure you’re there for them too. Friendship is a two-way street.



*Disclaimer* (All images courtesy of google images. I apologise in advance if this isn’t very coherent. I’m exhausted. Thank you for reading! I appreciate you. <3)

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