Papers, Puns, Smoothies, and Smooth Lies

So, I knew I’d have a lot of papers to write in college. Know the one thing I didn’t know? HOW LONG AND HOW MANY WOULD STACK UP ON EACH OTHER EVEN IF YOU WERE CRAZY ORGANIZED LIKE ME. It sort of feels like I’m drowning in writing. . . and loving EVERY minute of it. It’s really quite a strange feeling.


I found this earlier today. Boy, does it strike home. Oh, my word. This sounds like one of my essays of the week. How the heck am I supposed to write this? Oh welllllll, think my professor would take an essay formatted that way? Yes? No? Comment?

You know, one thing that’s awesome to start your college morning out with? Blueberry Smoothie. Add a peach or strawberries or banana or just keep it blueberry. Here, I have a great recipe that I found online. It’s amazing. I personally love all the combinations, however, I just tried it with peach and that might be my favourite. This recipe makes two smoothies so I always give my mum, one.


1 1/2 cups apple juice (I personally use white or red grape juice. The latter has an even better flavour though you can also use milk and almond milk)

1 piece of any fruit you think might taste good. (optional)

3/4 cups vanilla Greek yogurt (I’m cheap and can’t afford it so I use Walmart’s brand of vanilla, strawberry, and strawberry banana yogurt, depending on what I’m feeling like and it tastes great.)

1 1/2 cups frozen blueberries (You could probably use fresh if you wanted. I haven’t tried that.)

Then, all I do is place it in a blender and voila! Once it’s blended pour into two glasses and either find someone to share with or stick it in the fridge and enjoy!

Here is the link

Screenshot_20180905-083504 (1).png

I love her makeup, don’t you? “Quite artful,” says the arts major.


Do you get it??? Do you?? Comment if you do. Took me a bit but FINALLY figured it out.

One of my friends recently sent me some of this set of puns. Really helped brighten my day after long periods of staring at a computer screen, studying. Take time to breathe. Greatly helpful. And here! Enjoy some puns. If you’re on Instagram give them a follow. Love their page! Got them here.


Apology in advance for the language. lol


Buddy, you’re flying nowhere with those.


  1. Believe me, my first drafts suck. Absolutely, positively suck.
  2. I cut loads of words. I wonder if it hurts? Do you think it hurts them? Eek.
  3. I don’t edit. Mum does. Just kidding. She’s my final editor. My first editor. My middle editor. . . get the drift?
  4. HA! That’s a lie. Definite mistakes. READ YOUR DIRECTIONS BEFORE YOU START WRITING. Also. As a side note. Preferably read your prompt.
  5. Um, also a lie? You know what happens when I don’t think? This. ‘akhdkhaksdjfawjioiejalkfklsd jd ajfkld;ajoiwie’ Does that make any sense to you? Think I created a new language? MAYBE I’M A GENIUS!!
  6. True. What rules?


*Disclaimer: Images courtesy of Instagram or Google Chrome web searches*


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