College (EEK!!)

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Today. . .I officially become. . .a college student! Ahhh. I’ve waited for this day for so long. It’s been my goal since I started school over twelve years ago. I know my blog isn’t typically about life and all. . .but this is definitely an exception. Ok, ok, I know, I’m not going to campus and all. . .but there is still the challenges that normal college students face, right? At least in my case, certainly there are.

A lot of planning needs to be done as an incoming freshman. How do I keep up my extracurricular activities as well as spending enough time with my amazing family, absolutely wonderful boyfriend, and awesome friends?


Time management! I’m an obsessive planner by nature. So, in these past four weeks leading up to this day I’ve been crazily writing things down in my planners. . .both of which I bought from Wal-mart. (Highly recommend getting ones. Even if you’re not in college. I love them. . .and they are pretty!)  I’ve been organizing drawers and desks. I tend toward Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) which has been keeping me on my toes as the start of school approaches. Everything is in impeccable order. Neat. Tidy. Clean. Organized. Everything is perfectly ordered. My planners tell me what I need to do. Now, I can calm down and spend time with the important people in my life and still get my many assignments in on time.

Managing time as a freshman isn’t going to be easy. Planners are truly a lifesaver. Also, thank you for having detailed syllabuses and course schedules!

Going out and meeting my classmates. . .even over the internet is scary. What if my professors don’t like me? What if my classmates don’t? What if I fail? Online students are really just as much a student as the resident students.

So, here I am. Planning my time out as much as possible and I’m ready to say these next few words. I’m a student of Liberty University Online. I love my school. I will succeed. GO LIBERTY FLAMES!


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