Tis’ the Season (HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!! Early)

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!! I know, it’s early. *sighs* Oh well. I won’t be able to post tomorrow and I post every Monday, so, yep, you get it a day early! Anyway, I wrote this poem up just for fun and I don’t claim to be a great poet. . .actually I’m an awful poet. . .but here goes. Have a great day and I’d love to know what y’all do for Halloween!! I usually read. . .and pull pranks. . .and try to avoid spiders. *shudders* Also, what are your favorite books and movies for Halloween?

**disclaimers** I’m not actually scared of Halloween. . . .

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Tis’ the season of fears.

Face them or not.

What will you choose?

Decide your own lot.

Become your own fears.

Or simply chose not.


Tis’ the season for tears.

For scared will you be.

What will you choose?

For it is not me.

You must decide

For soon you will see.


Tis’ the season for vampires, goblins and ghosts.

The horrors of the night.

Scream while you can.

Your throat will be tight.

From fear you can’t hide.

Scream with all your might.


Tis’ the season for zombies, werewolves galore.

The undead are here.

Shapeshifters are changing

The undead are near.

The moon is near full.

They’re ready to tear.


Tis’ the season to be terrified by aliens and more.

The abductions are near.

Run for your life

The terrors are here.

What if you stay?

Fear is most certainly here.


Tis’ the season for graveyards.

Ghosts are there.

Stay away from them.

While you are here.

If you want to.

Don’t you go near.


Tis’ the season for haunted places

Haunted houses and fear.

Scream while you can.

Your time is near.

Run away quickly.

For you, they are here.



Tis’ the season to laugh at all of your fears. . .

Or run away fast.

What will you choose?

And will it last?

Will you abandon your choice?

Or make it last?


Tis’ the season for pranking.

Fun for all.

Laughing with people.

The short and the tall.

Teasing your friends.

The big and the small.

Tis’ the season for candy.

Candy galore.

Give the candy here and there.

Candy, NO MORE!

Open the door and give some candy.

Slam not the door.


Tis’ the season to be whoever you want!

Be a princess, pirate, or nun.

Milkmaid or ghost, or alien, or witch.

Won’t this be fun?

Your wishes expressed.

One by one.


Tis’ the season that I wish were not here.

My fears all are here.

I want to run now.

Please do not take me there.

For I am scared of this day.

That is now drawn near.


Tis’ the strangest of holidays.

The strangest indeed.

I do not understand this day.

The best day to read.

Stay home. Beware!

The fear and the greed.


Tis’ the most frightful day of the year.

What is this day of which I speak?

The day you and I know so well.

I’ll give you a peek.

This day is Halloween!

Beware. Don’t freak!

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