Star Wars: Phasma, by Delilah S. Dawson

Love this review.

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“That’s the problem with indoctrination—the whole point of the First Order’s kind of education is to stop someone from thinking and instead kick their emotions into gear. Make them hate everything else so they’ll cling to what you give them. It’s hard to think for yourself when fear and anger are driving the shuttle.”

I had the privilege of listening to the audio version of this book. If you’re thinking of giving this book a whirl I highly recommend starting with the audio book. Star Wars audios make the story vivid to the imagination with John Williams’s score, the talented narrators, and the classic Star Wars sound effects. It’s up to you though, I’m just making a humble suggestion.

Make no mistake, Captain Phasma is not just some random Jane in fancy Stormtrooper armor. She is unlike any ‘trooper the former Empire and First Order have seen. Ruthless, hungry for…

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