Do you ever start reading a book and never finish it because it’s so boring?

I certainly hope not because it’s a terrible experience. Thankfully, it rarely, emphasis on rarely, happens to me. But when it does I have to wonder what went wrong. Was I missing something? Was the book too hard for me to understand? Or is the author just not a good story writer?

I find that it’s usually the latter, which makes sense because not every author is perfect.

I just wanted to discuss that. Feel free to comment on the boring books you’ve read.

Have a good day!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! Moby Dick by Herman Melville was that one for me. Don’t ever, ever, ever read….ugh. it was sooooooo atrociously boring and nasty toward Christians. Thankfully most books do not bore me even if I don’t like them. 😊


  2. I was probably 40 years old before I decided that life is too short to read books that bore you, unless they are really good for you. (Moby Dick is not really good for you!) Sometimes I find some styles boring because they are books from the culture years ago when people did not have instant access to all the information that we do today, so authors had to describe EVERYTHING from the castle to its grounds to every fashion detail. Ahem…. my point is that sometimes the author is not so much bad as from a different time and culture which requires more information.


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