Books That Impacted My Life


Can anyone relate? I know I can. Actually. . .I may or may not have forced some of my friends to read earth shattering books. . .I don’t know, did I? I think I need a place to hide. . . . ANYWAY, that is completely random. Forget I said that.


Amen to that. That’s why my favorite books. . .the ones that impacted me in my life. . .are so deeply meaningful to me. They could be fiction but they are real to me. It’s like people. Even my fake friends at one point or another have taught me something. Real or not I learn.

Ok, so most of you will think my list is weird, probably, but these books impacted me and I hope, if you do read them, that they will do the same for you.

  • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak~It taught me that sometimes it is too late to tell someone you love them. Tell them before you can no longer tell them.
  • Tiger In the Shadows by Debbie Wilson (My mum, I am proud to say. Won a Christy Award, too!)~It taught me about the Christian persecution in China. And about what modern day Christians sometimes must endure.
  • Under Our Skin:Getting Real about Race-And Getting Free from the Fears and Frustrations That Divide Us by Benjamin Watson~It taught me to understand other people. It taught me about my own fears and why I fear what I fear. It taught me about racism. It taught me a lot more than I can ever express.

Those are just to name the very, very few books that have impacted me. I have many, many others that I would love to discuss if you want. I would love to discuss books that impacted YOUR life. Many of you have some form of contacting me by email, etc. and those that don’t, I have a contact page on my blog.

Iwould love to hear from any and all of you. And I will respond. So, please feel free if you so wish.

So, do you have a book that impacted you so much that you want everyone to read it? I truly want to know. Please comment. Really. Truly. I actually would like to read it.

Have a lovely week and God bless.





7 thoughts on “Books That Impacted My Life

  1. I think The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins made an impact on me. It was telling first book to have a female protagonist that I really felt like I knew and could relate to. I also got to see an independent female show her strength without totally depending on a man. While she did have two guys interested in her(Gale and Peeta). Her whole world did not revolve on choosing between them. She also showed me how important family can be.

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    1. I loved that book series! I totally can relate. Amen. It did have a good message about independent females and about how important family is. Thank you so much for sharing.


  2. How can I reduce a lifetime of book love to a few books? Cinderella was my favorite as a little girl. What little girl doesn’t want to be a beautiful princess? Black Beauty was the first chapter book I read, given to me by my great aunt. A Tale of Two Cities showed the power of redemption and self-sacrifice. Tortured for Christ was powerful and taught me so much about persecution. Under the Influence showed the effects of Christianity on the world. Those are just a few.

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    1. Thank you! I loved Cinderella and Black Beauty as you well know. 😊 I disliked A Tale of Two Cities as you also well know! πŸ˜’ I will look into the other two books you mentioned, though! They sound as if they could teach me a lot. Thank you for sharing! 😁


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