Oh, the Joys of a Writer!


Fabulously fun like cliches are calamities in print! How many rules did I break there? Who needs rules? We shall throw them all to the wind like dandelion seeds! All right. I’m having way too much fun with this. Calm down, Delores. Chill. It’s all good. Rules are good. But I don’t want to follow rules! Why must I? Or rather. . . what rules should I follow?


See?! Even the rules of writing question the idea of rules. How about they are called. . .suggestions. Suggestions you should weigh and think about but not. . .always take. If you want to alliterate sentences. . .do it. Aliterations are absolutely, amazingly awesome! Go for it! If you want to write cliches. . .ok, just don’t. Cliches are annoying in excess. However, if you really want to. . . I’ll bear with you. I secretly enjoy cliches every now and again.

Oh, oh, oh, the joys. . .and trials of writing! The joys of not following rules and the trial of not having any rules to follow. Essentially your writing is yours. Do whatever you want to do with it. But maybe take a few suggestions. Occasionally. Only if you want to!


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