Pay Attention

“A writer, I think, is someone who pays attention to the world” ~Susan Sontag

Ahh, how true those words are. Truer than often accounted for. What hurts your writing the most? Well, I truly believe it is the fact of not having enough details! Silly me. What do  you think? For me details are excruciatingly important. Can you have details without paying attention? Let me take a flying leap off a cliff and say not really. Did you catch me? Or did you let me fall? Let me back up and explain before you make that decision.

Have you ever noticed how people see colors differently? Or how they remember different things about a room? People? Anything? Well, a good writer, in my opinion, pays attention. They see the world through their eyes and then on paper they try to convey their feelings of the room, the colors, the people, every, little, single detail they remember. They are trying to share a deeper part of them with you, the reader. You like that, right? What about the people who don’t pay attention? Their details are chaotic. They are disconnected. They aren’t expressing themselves nearly as clearly and with as much feeling. The point of writing is to connect with your reader. Not push them away. The writer is trying to show you the world, as they see it, through their writing. They NEED that feeling in it. Writers who don’t pay attention can’t have that feeling. They don’t have the same feelings going through them because they simply don’t care. Am I saying that writers that don’t pay attention are bad writers? No. I’m simply stating that they aren’t as good. The best writers live and breathe detail. Details always stick with them. The specific color of the sofa. The reddish highlights in her hair. The startling deep blue of his eyes. The ball of cat hair on the floor. The piece of straw from the doghouse that got tracked inside. Details like that. Do YOU pay attention to things like that?

So, do you believe me? Do you catch me or let me fall? The decision is yours.


Authors Note~Thank you for reading. I apologise. . .again. . .for having taken so long to write. I had some injuries and busyness that I, unfortunately, could not help. God bless all of you. ❤

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