Why do we fall in love with fictional characters? Don’t look at me like that! Come on. Admit it. At least once in your life you’ve loved a book character. . . probably even shed a few tears when they loved someone else. So, why do we do this to ourselves?


                I have a theory. Probably a totally wacky, insane theory. But hear me out.

We fall in love with characters from a book because. . .nope. Too early to say. Let me back up.

Fictional characters are real to us. We envision them and turn them into reality. They teach us, comfort us, fight for us, and love us. That is until the book ended or they kiss someone else. Granted. They have that prerogative. It still feels and awful lot like cheating, though. . . don’t you agree? Trust me. I know. I’ve sat there crying my heart out because. . . HE CHEATED ON ME! I gave him the best moments of my life. . . and what does he do? He falls in love with some other girl! HOW DARE HE!!

Ok, I’m calm now. So, for the ones I loved and lost i.e. Eragon from the Inheritance Cycle (Christopher Paolini), Julian Blackthorn from Lady Midnight (Cassandra Clare), Ren from Love and Gelato (Jenna Evans Welch), St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss (Stephanie Perkins). . . I love you. I truly do. I’m happy you found your own happiness. . .even. . .even. . . no, I can’t say it. . .evenwithoutme. There. I said it. Happy now?

We love fictional characters because they are the very essence of what we want in love. We’re often too scared to just outright admit that we are in love with a real person and could envision spending the rest of out life with them. It’s too scary. We learn about love and heartbreak and live it through books. . .until we work up the courage to tell someone we love them.


Author’s note – Thank you so much for reading! I love you! God bless.

4 thoughts on “Why?

  1. So, as I was reading this, I could really identify with what you have written. When I was much younger, I went from hating Beatrice and loving Hero to not much liking Hero and being enamored by Beatrice in Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing. But as I have gotten older, it has become that thing where I feel like I am in the character’s life or even the character(s) themselves…until the book ends. I felt this way about the Green Mile, Miss Jane Pittman and any Stephen King novel. Thanks for sharing what goes on in your head…you are not alone. -Mr. J

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