How do different genres affect our lives both physically and emotionally? This was a question I asked myself frequently. I finally decided to simply experiment with a various assortment of genres and find out how they affected me, personally.

Classics – Classic books always make me think. They introduce me to various ideas and make me question the world’s existence and contemplate life. They require a lot of deep thinking and sometimes trouble me, depending on the various questions they raise.

Horror – Horror, simply put, give me nightmares. They utterly terrify me and make me paranoid. I refuse to read any more.

Fantasy – Fantasies are usually lighthearted, though some are dark. I like them greatly and they make me happy and help me escape from the realities of life.

Dystopian – Ah, yes. My favorite genre. Dystopian, if read too much, depresses me. I usually end up sad and must read something light because dystopian is dark. Very dark.

Humor – Humor, also one of my favorites, usually make me laugh and help me understand the pleasure of pleasing people.

Gay and Lesbian – Gay and Lesbian books; yes, I have read some. I know, that probably surprises you. They put thoughts in my mind that should not be there. They make me feel lustful and, if I’m honest, they hurt my relationship with God. A lot. I can feel myself drawing further away from God. They make me feel ashamed because of the thoughts they induce. I can’t read them anymore because of how it affects me physically and emotionally.

Sexual books – Another genre I can’t read. Simply put, they also put bad thoughts in my mind and make me lustful and in order to remain close to God, I can’t read them.

Science Fiction – I don’t read a lot of science fiction but it fascinates me and usually makes me happy.

Graphic Novels – I like graphics. Especially superhero ones. They are fun, even if I don’t read them a lot.

Chick-lit – Chick-lit makes me extremely happy. I enjoy reading about them.

Christian – Christian books usually help strengthen my relationship with God.

Mysteries – Mysteries usually keep me fascinated and excited.

These are my list of genres. Please consider and examine in the light of Scripture how various genres affect you in your relationship with God, physically, and emotionally. The books that affect me badly may not affect you in the same way at all. Other books I read may affect you negatively instead. Most people don’t examine how different books affect them. I’m just asking that you look closely at your books and see if any of them affect your relationship with God, other people, or just negatively affect you.

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