A Land of Imagination

A Land of Imagination”The real purpose of books is to trap the mind into doing its own thinking” – Christopher Morley

People don’t like using their imagination. I will freely admit myself that I sometimes prefer having things spelled out for me in huge letters. Why else would we get movies year after year that simply just feel the same? Because when we watch a movie, we like to switch our brain off. It’s relaxing to us. But that’s where books are different.

You don’t “switch off” while reading. Each individual sentence is looked at in detail and if you do choose to not pay attention, you’ll just end up lost in doing so. That is why when we read we become so invested. While you may forget the name of a character in a TV show you watch every week, someone in a book becomes so much closer. You think up their appearance, their form, how their personality shows. While the character belongs to the author, the image of that character is best left to the reader, as everyone will see them in a different and unique way.

It’s always lovely to watch a movie and television show without having to think. And there are even some which do require your attention and require you to use your imagination to get the most out of the experience. Reading is not a more sophisticated form of entertainment, so much as it is a unique one. A book asks you to create environments, worlds, people and other such things using only your thought. Nothing is shown to you and so this allows a much richer and vivid world to be created.

If a book gets a movie adaptation, the world itself will never fully reflect the one in the book, because every person who read it created their own world. And that is what makes the experience so amazing.

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