Through the Looking Glass

“We lose ourselves in books and we find ourselves there too.”

                Books are like stepping through the looking glass. We lose ourselves, the pains and hurts of the world while reading a book. Stories are the one safe haven that never just appears only to flit away in the dark of night. Books create a magical place where you can lose yourself surrounded by adventurous people on safaris or at home solving a dangerous mystery. Maybe you’re a pirate in search of gold…gold…gold…and fighting over it.  Maybe you’re in a new neighborhood, town, home, among new people, and the fears that come with that. You feel for them, you hurt for them, you cry for them, you get giddy for them, and you sigh a breath a relief when everything turns out all right and turns into the happily ever after you have been waiting for. When you open a book, the whole outside world disappears, and in its place appears so many options. Wherever you want to go you can; the whole world belongs to you. You just disappear into a world created just for you and you can lose yourself for a little while. It brings you comfort and so very many emotions. Some are good and some are bad, but the good ones make up for all the bad ones that were ever fleetingly there. When we must come out of our book’s world, it is so much easier to face the hardships of the regular world, because we always have an escape, somewhere to go when we need it. And while neither author or book is perfect, there are always some that seem nearly perfect. As always, reading is still magical, good book or bad, because the bad can simply be replaced with a much better book. Reading is wonderful and enchanting and will never cease to be an escape through the looking glass.

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